I owe you a great debt of gratitude for taking me from the beginning of my efforts to write one novel to having created five books in the military thriller category.  I thought I was a good writer until  I met you.  With your guidance my rambling narratives became tighter, my plots more straightforward and my character development infinitely more finely drawn.  You brought my writing to a new level and helped my descriptive skills develop in new and more imaginative ways.  From an initial flat manuscript to commercial grade properties, I thank you for your thoughtful critiques, guiding hand, and everlasting support.

Major General Mari K. Eder U.S. Army, Retired

Daniel and his colleagues at ALCHEMY Media Consulting Group have been outstanding in every way. Daniel took on a big project for me, editing a trilogy consisting of over 400,000 words. He did a great job in a timely and professional way. He made every deadline and the books all read much better. I will be sure to use him again as my writing warrants it.

Brian S. Pratt

Daniel’s insight and advice was very helpful in developing a branding and marketing strategy for our new company, True Edge Entertainment. His ongoing involvement as a story consultant for both our independent films and also other related multi-media content will be instrumental in helping us provide consistent and appropriate content for our target audience.

Gregory Hoffman, Founder

Daniel gave my manuscripts the wirebrush treatment they needed and the result was far better prose than I first sent him. One book is being published this September! Daniel forced me to look inside my characters and better project their emotional struggles. He relentlessly prodded me to dig deeper to bring out the human dimensions of my stories. It worked!

Jeff Jones, Author

Daniel, Just a little note to tell you I really appreciate your help with my writing.  When I signed up with Alchemy I was a skeptic but your input and direction has made my work much better.  Working with Alchemy is a comfortable and enlightening experience.  I truly believe that my books are now ready for the real publishing world and I am eternally grateful.  My first four novels are much stronger and cleaner and I look forward to you working on my fifth in a row.  It is also a pleasant feeling knowing that this testimonial is one thing you will not want to change.  Thanks for all your help.

Danny Falcone, Author

Daniel Roth breathed new life into my writing. When I came to him with The Knight Affairs Series, he was ready to jump in and get to work. Daniel purchased a copy of my debut novel before we even had a chance to get to work. Once we got started, I was overjoyed to have discovered the elements missing from my writing because it was a great learning curve. I was so impressed with Daniel, that I hired him to work with me on the sequel and I have to say it’s absolutely EXPLOSIVE! I can’t wait to work with Daniel Roth on my next writing project.

Nathan Seven Scott, Author The Knight Trilogy

While I was enjoying the experience of reading my novel, The Franchise, for the first time after it had been professionally edited, it was clear to me how rough around the edges and unpolished it had been before I enlisted the talents of Daniel Roth. Daniel not only took what I knew to be good work and made it better but went beyond this obligation to make it everything I had always imagined it could be. Thank you for that, Daniel. I’m forever grateful and look forward to working with you again soon.

Edmund Benjamin, Author The Franchise